What you need to know to quit smoking

smokingMany people believe that nicotine dependency is the main reason why they can’t give up smoking.

In reality there are 4 main reasons that keep people smoke:

1. Physiological (nicotine dependency)

2. Psychological (eg: dealing with stress, boredom and other emotions)

3. Behavioral (habitual patterns of smoking, for example: when in the car, when drinking coffee, etc)

4. Social (living or working with smokers)

 Let’s look into them in more detail.

1. Physiological .When you inhale cigarette smoke, within 10 seconds nicotine gets into the brain and stimulates immediately the release of many neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin, adrenalin, etc.

That is why you start feeling alert, good, more relaxed.

The problem is that high is followed by low and the moment you have finished a cigarette, your nicotine withdrawal symptoms begin to develop. Bit by bit they reach the stage when you become quite irritable, agitated, angry and go for another cigarette which takes away all these negative sensations…for a short while.

You believe that smoking calms you down and relaxes you, so you might wonder how you can do without it, while in reality smoking is what causes you to become so agitated and irritable in the first place. A good thing is that in 24-36hrs of NO smoking, the nicotine is out of your system and if you still feel the urge to smoke, than it is due to the other 3 reasons.
2. Psychologically, you believe that smoking is what helps you deal with stress, boredom and other emotions and you are used to rely on it so much, that you probably can’t imagine already doing life without it. To quit smoking successfully, you need to condition your brain to use other, better ways to deal with emotions, otherwise when a stressful event happens in your life, you might reach for a cigarette again…
3. Behavioral. Remember Pavlov’s dogs: the bell rings-they salivate. They became conditioned to salivate after they were given food SEVERAL TIMES after the bell rang.

In the same way you conditioned yourself to have a cigarette in certain situations. For example: when having a break, when in the car on the way to work, whenever you have a cup of coffee, etc. In your brain neural connections have developed between certain triggers and you smoking.

To quit smoking successfully, you need to interrupt the old patterns and create new, smoke free patterns.
4. Social. One of our important human needs is to belong, to feel connected with other people. If your partner or close friends are smokers, you might subconsciously be afraid that once you become a non smoker, your bond with them somehow will become weaker, will create distance between you.

When your friends are smokers and keep offering you cigarettes or smoke around you, it brings smoking back to your attention, when otherwise you could be focusing on something more worthwhile.

It is good to keep in mind that when you become an adamant non smoker, than all your mates and your partner will admire you for this and you will become a role model for all of them to follow.
So what does hypnotherapy have to do with the above? A lot! Hypnotherapy addresses all the 4 reasons to make sure that you quit smoking and will NOT relapse into it under any circumstances.
1) Physiological reason. Yes, you can diminish your nicotine withdrawal symptoms through nicotine replacement substances, which include nicotine gums, patches, tablets, inhalers and sprays. Alternatively, under hypnosis your subconscious will be given a suggestion to feel no withdrawal symptoms or to make them hardly noticeable.

How is it possible? You already probably know that some people allergic to anaesthetic are operated on without any anaesthetic under hypnosis and feel no pain at all, as their subconscious mind accepted the suggestion of the hypnotherapist to feel no pain. The subconscious is happy to accept the beneficial and useful suggestions; therefore, it usually readily accepts and acts upon the suggestion to feel no negative withdrawal symptoms.
2) Psychological reason. It is quick and easy to condition your mind under hypnosis to engage in other, safe ways to deal with emotions without ever referring to cigarettes.
3) Behavioural reason. Through hypnotherapy you can create new neural connections in your brain, so that from now on whatever triggered you to have a cigarette in the past will trigger a completely different response, the one that you want.
4) As for the social reason, through hypnotherapy you will begin to feel, act and think as a NON smoker and as any other non smoker you won’t feel tempted to smoke just because somebody else smokes next to you. Instead you will feel proud of being a non smoker and happy to engage with others outside of their smoking moments.

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