Do you suffer from a phobia? Find out why and how you can overcome it.

Do you suffer from an overwhelming fear of flying, of heights or being in an enclosed space?
Do you think that your fear is exaggerated and yet you are unable to control it?


depressionIf yes, you are not alone! There are thousands of people who experience some kind of a phobia.
A phobia is developed when you get really scared of something and your subconscious mind makes a decision after that one off experience: “It is dangerous, so I should avoid it by any means”.
Interestingly, you don’t even have to live through a frightful experience yourself, as sometimes witnessing someone else going through an experience which you perceive as “dangerous” or hearing about it is enough to develop a phobia.

For example, some people after September 11 attacks on the United States, developed a phobia of flying and could not understand where their phobia is coming from.
As your subconscious mind perceives now a certain situation as ‘’dangerous’’, it automatically triggers a ‘’fight or flight ‘’ response. That is why you begin to feel all the symptoms of extreme anxiety: accelerated heart beat and breathing (to run faster ), increased muscle tension (to make you stronger), etc.-this is how your subconscious prepares you literally to fight or run away from the danger , as according to it your survival is under threat.
The first problem is that that one off situation that you perceived as life threatening is in the past, but you continue to suffer from the subconscious ‘’fight or flight’’ reaction every time you find yourself in similar, but harmless, circumstances.
The second problem is that, as you already probably realized, consciously you can’t get rid of a phobia, as it is the reaction of your subconscious mind.

To eliminate a phobia, you need to get access to the subconscious mind and change the meaning and the emotion linked to the initial event, which triggered the phobia. This way you will eliminate the cause of the phobia and therefore the phobia itself. You can access subconscious via hypnosis. Hypnosis on its own is not therapeutic: it is the right therapy administered under hypnosis which is therapeutic. In other words, look for a good hypnotherapist, not a good hypnotist!

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