Are you focusing on LOSING weight? Then you have a problem.


It is a common phrase ‘’I want to lose weight’’, but do you really believe that deep down you want to lose something? No, we don’t like to lose! So to start with, change your goal to make it sound positive. For example: “I want to be slim and healthy ’’ or ‘’I want to feel lighter and more energetic’’. Yes, it is important what you say to yourself, as your inner talk influences your emotions and behaviour; and vice versa.

A lot has been written about healthy food choices and the value of physical exercise in order to become slim and healthy. A lot of people who are seriously overweight are well informed about what they should avoid eating, how often they should eat, how often they need to exercise and yet they remain overweight. Why?  Because they can’t bridge the gap between knowing what is right for them and actually doing it in a sustainable way.

There are lots of ways people can psychologically sabotage themselves. In this article let’s explore your strategy of how you decide what you put into your mouth.

First of all, let’s agree that denying yourself particular food options doesn’t work in a long run. In fact, you probably noticed, that as soon as you say to yourself something like ‘’I should not have this’’ or ‘’I am not allowed this’’, then you feel almost obsessed about this particular food option. Have you ever experienced it? So, let’s agree that you are free to choose what to eat and what not to eat at any meal. You exercise your power of choice every day when you make a decision about what food options to say ‘’NO’’ to in order to make space for the food options you say ‘’Yes’’ to. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you have a strategy about how you make your choice. If your strategy is working well for you and you are satisfied with the results-keep doing what you are doing.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your food choices, then you need to adopt a different strategy of choosing. Become aware of your strategy by asking yourself: ‘’How do I decide which food options I am going to choose to eat?’’
Thus you become aware of the criteria you are using to make your decision. You might realize that you have several different sets of criteria you apply to make your decision: for example, one at work, one at home, one when you go out, one when you are on holidays, etc. It could be that one set of criteria you apply works for you well when you are at work, for example, but the one you use when you go out doesn’t work for you at all.

Consider the set of criteria you are using which is not helping you with what you are trying to accomplish: to be slim in a healthy and sustainable way.  More likely, it is because the criteria you are using take care of your needs at that point in time only. People who consistently enjoy their meals AND being slim at the same time regularly include into their decision making one important criteria which I’ll phrase here as a question: ‘’what will be good for me now AND also in a long run?’’ In other words, they know that they are free to choose, just like you are, but they also remember that every choice has consequences. So they choose those food options which they can enjoy not only while they are in the mouth, but also long after they have been digested by the body.

And if somebody offers you something to eat, how do you know when to say ‘’Yes, please’’ and when to say ‘’No, thanks’’? The effective strategy that people use in such a case is very simple: step 1: ask yourself if you are actually physically hungry. If not-then say ‘’No, thank you’’. If yes, then step 2: ask yourself if the offered food is going to be good for you now AND also in a long run.

I wonder what changes you will start noticing in your food choices and your well being  when you start regularly asking yourself as part of your decision making: ’What will be good for me now AND also in a long run?’’ You can share with me your self-observations by sending emails to

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