Anxiety and depression



Are you suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, a phobia or depression? If yes, then you are FINALLY in the right place!

Most of our clients come to us as ‘the last resource’, after the traditional treatment methods failed to help them. They are amazed how after just a few sessions of clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy with us, they feel so much better, happier, empowered and more in control of their emotions.

Let’s face it: anti-depressants and other drugs don’t solve the reasons why you experience a phobia, feel anxious or depressed. They don’t teach you to perceive yourself and life around you differently, and most of them have significant negative side-effects. Therefore, drugs are not a long term solution, as you, probably, already realised.

Clinical hypnosis in combination with psychotherapy, however, is the most effective way to overcome anxiety, phobias and depression, as it works not only with your conscious mind, but also with your subconscious mind, where the roots of your issues are.

Yes, we can help you overcome anxiety and/or depression, even if everything else failed to help you, and we’ll help you develop the necessary skills to PREVENT another depression in the future.

Here are some quotes about the benefits of clinical hypnosis, taken from the book ‘Treating Depression with Hypnosis. Integrating Cognitive-behavioural and Strategic Approaches’, written by an American expert on depression and anxiety Dr M. Yapko:

Introduction, page xix: ‘Hypnosis encompasses a wide variety of concepts and methods that share the common denominator of appreciating that people generally have more abilities than they consciously realise. Hypnosis helps make those abilities more well-defined and more readily accessible. It is an applied ‘positive psychology’’.

Page xx: ‘Much has happened in the fields of depression and clinical hypnosis in the interim, and there is now more to say about the vital role hypnosis can play in enhancing psychotherapy.’

Chapter 1 page 13: ‘Hypnosis has been evaluated for its merits in a number of arenas. The research shows that treatments which also employ hypnosis compared to the same treatments not employing hypnosis have a significantly more favourable outcome (Kirsch, Montgomery, & Sapirstein, 1995; Lynn, Kirsch, Barabasz, Cardena, & Patterson, 2000).

Chapter 2, page 21: ‘thus, the most compelling reason to use hypnosis is to help empower people to discover and use more of their personal resources, and to step outside the often painfully narrow (symptomatic) self-defining boundaries of their subjective experience.’

Chapter 2, page 22: ‘In fact, depression is comprised of many different components, including cognitive patterns, behavioural patterns and relational patterns. Many of these components have been addressed successfully with hypnosis (Kirsch, 1996; Lynn et al., 2000; Schoenberger, 2000).’

Chapter 2, page 23: ‘In fact, clinical reports in professional  books and scientific journals describing symptom improvement in various disorders following the use of hypnosis routinely report a diminution of depression when describing positive results in treating pain, anxiety, and other physical and psychological symptoms (Crawford& Barabasz, 1993; Lynch, 1999; Montgmery, DuHamel, & Redd, 2000; Moore & Burrows, 1991; Schoenberger, Kirsch, Gearan, Montgomery, & Pastyrnak, 1997).’



‘I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 hypnotherapy sessions with Sviatlana. I left each session feeling calmer, more energised and balanced.

I have battled for years with Post Traumatic Stress; sleep deprivation, depression, stress and anxiety.

I have always been a people pleaser, and struggled to stand up for myself when I knew I was being taken advantage of. I would bottle up my feelings and become very angry, rather than addressing the problem at the time.
Sviatlana has taught me the importance of self -respect and I now have the confidence to say no to people without feeling guilty.

In my sessions, I have learnt to control my stress and anxiety, through various breathing exercises and other techniques.

It is very easy to be cynical about Hypnotherapy, especially from what we see on television, but I saw the effect Sviatlana was having on a friend and thought I had to try it.

Over the years, I have sought help from several different psychologists and other specialist practitioners and I have gained great insight, knowledge from each one of them. Hypnotherapy has provided me with the most immediate and positive results.

I will continue to work with Sviatlana as I believe there is so much more I can learn and develop as a person.
Thank you, Sviatlana, for your knowledge, encouragement and support. Your work has been life changing.’



‘When I first came to see Sviatlana I was really struggling. I had had a few issues with a sick daughter, and my wife had had multiple miscarriages. I got anxious and stressed over these events which spiralled into depression. I was getting really bad headaches, and had a lack of energy and desire to do every day things that I usually loved doing like exercising, playing team sports and socialising with friends. I was working, but it was a struggle and it was also affecting the way I was at home, and was starting to avoid the people that meant the most to me. I was also having some sleep issues and had also started speaking negatively about myself and my emotions were not in a good way!

I had seen Dr’s and Psychologists and tried various anti- depressants but they just did not agree with me and I absolutely hated being on them. They were not the answer and I knew I needed to change, not to have a pill do all the work. I tried a few pills, but none of them worked well and only made me feel horrible.

I was recommended to try hypnotherapy. I was sceptical at first, thinking this won’t work, however after my initial consultation with Sviatlana, I was put at ease and decided to give it a go.

We have had about 15 sessions together. At first we saw each other quite regularly, later we reduced our appointments down to once a month due to the improvements I have made.

I am back to exercising and playing touch rugby; I have started pre season cricket and I am the keenest I have been for cricket in a long time. I am seeing my friends and family, work is better, and most importantly I am more like the father and husband I was before I went downhill.

Since seeing Sviatlana I am also almost completely off the medication and I feel better than I have been for a long time. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me. I could not recommend her enough to anyone wishing to give her hypnotherapy and life coaching skills a go.’




Congratulations on your decision to get over hopelessness and constant struggle! To start with, we would like to offer you a FREE 45 min breakthrough consultation, during which we’ll discuss your current issues and your goals, give you insights about yourself and clarity about how you can overcome permanently your anxiety and/or depression.

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*Disclaimer: please note that there’s no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary, as they depend on a number of factors: your readiness and willingness to change, your participation in the process, the correlation between your issues and your individual biological, psychological and social factors, etc.