Anxiety and depression



Is your life a struggle? We’ll help you develop powerful skills and strategies that will enable you to sit in the driver’s seat of your life and drive confidently towards your desirable destination, while feeling unstoppable by the humps on the way.

Anti-depressants and other drugs don’t solve the reasons why you experience a phobia, feel anxious or depressed. They don’t teach you to perceive yourself and life around you differently, and most of them have significant negative side-effects. Therefore, drugs are not a long term solution, as you, probably, already realized.

Hypnotherapy, however, is a powerful tool to help you overcome anxiety, a phobia or depression, as it works not only with your conscious mind, but also with your subconscious mind, where the roots of your issues are.

Sometimes you can’t change things that happen in the world, because they are outside of your control. However, you can change the way you think, what you focus on, how you communicate with yourself and others, how you deal with problems and negative emotions and how you act, because these personal powers are WITHIN YOUR CONTROL. We’ll help you get in touch with your inner resources and learn the necessary skills, so that you can feel in charge of your life and deal effectively with whatever comes your way.


‘’I suffered from anxiety for years. I had 10 sessions with a psychologist in the attempt to overcome my anxiety: it allowed me to understand why I was anxious, but it did not change the way felt. After 6 hypnotherapy sessions with Sviatlana I feel reborn: I flow with life now, free from the debilitating struggle with my anxious thoughts and feelings.’’


I recently used the personal professional service offered by Sviatlana Starr. I came to her with a severe anxiety problem and a lack of clarity about a few important I and lack of physical exercise. After seven sessions with Sviatlana I achieved all the goals that I had defined for coaching. My anxiety levels have reduced significantly, to the point that I now feel in control of my emotions. I made a few important life decisions, after Sviatlana had helped me gain clarity in certain areas of my life. Sviatlana also helped me define my values and vision for my life. Overall, my self-esteem has improved, I’ve resolved my problem with sleep, developed healthier eating habits and became motivated to exercise regularly.

I felt at ease discussing very personal issues with Sviatlana. She was a very good listener and was not judgmental. I recommend her service because she is easy to talk to, caring and passionate about making sure you achieve your goals; she also provides written feedback after each session and follows up each session with a phone call. Her service is excellent for anyone who wants to make important changes to their life.”



Congratulations on your decision to get over hopelessness and constant struggle! To start with, we would like to offer you a FREE 45 min breakthrough consultation, during which we’ll discuss your current issues and your goals, give you insights about yourself and clarity about how you can overcome permanently your anxiety and/or depression.

We work in 2 locations: Level 1, 318 Malvern East, Melbourne and 11 Boyanda Rd, Glen Iris, Melbourne. We help people face-to-face and via Skype nationally and internationally.


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*Disclaimer: please note that there’s no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary, as they depend on a number of factors: your readiness and willingness to change, your participation in the process, the correlation between your issues and your individual biological, psychological and social factors, etc.